The Handiest Guppie Ever – Multitool

Multi-tools are great things.

Even since the Swiss dished out penknives to their military there’s been something magical about combining many blades into a pocket tool that has kept boys (and some girls) aged 7-70 wanting to own one.

I have a soft-spot for the Swiss Army Knives and there’s no denying how good the Leatherman range is but check out the fishy fight, fix or forage tool – The Guppie.

Made by Columbia River Knife & Tools, the Guppie includes an adjustable wrench, screw driver with multiple magnetic heads, a decent looking knife, LED flashlight, and a bottle opener for a refreshing cold one plucked out of the stream.

Launce Barber and Tom Stokes who came up with the Guppie say that the design is made so everything is ready to use in the shorter time possible, right out of the pocket.

It’s also kind to that pocket as it only costs $40 from here.

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