The Guardian Eyewitness iPad App – Free Photo Tips on How to Get in Print

If you’ve got an imported iPad or waiting for the one you’ve ordered via BundleBox and looking for some free apps to load up then here’s another decent one for you.

Budding photographers or people looking to get their pics in print can be guided on their path thanks to an iPad app from the Guardian newspaper – The Guardian Eyewitness iPad app.

The free app ignores trying to recreate the newspaper on the iPad’s screen and instead focuses on the 100 latest ‘Eyewitness’ images in fullscreen. Before you move on – this is not just a gallery app, oh no.

As well as the expected share on Facebook or email buddies side of things each image is accompanied by tips from the newspaper’s photography team! These helpful snappers will give you the full technical lowdown and tips on how to take similarly great shots 🙂

Check out the video below for the full beauty!

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