The GenevaSound S Designer iPod Dock – Classy Sound and Comparatively Affordable

I think I’ve found the perfect iPod dock to sit in the same room as the retrotastic Philco PC 🙂

GenevaSound have just announced a newer, smaller, and more affordable dock called the GenevaSound System Model S (for small).

This GenevaSound S apparently has one of the smallest hifi speakers ever released (?) at just under 6 inches.

The classy designer dock also packs a digital radio and alarm clock.

You get TouchLight controls, which lights up the system upon touch which is a nice….. err… touch; as is the motorized PowerDock, which spins up to close when the iPod is removed from the system.

You get a choice of gloss White, Black or Red finishes and you can plonk it on the included table stand should you so wish.

The S retails for $299 but if you have more cash see the gallery pic below for the full (and not cheap) range 😉

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