The Daddy of Modern Retro Bikes – UK Gets Brand New Penny Farthing

I’ve noticed an increasing amount of retro-styled bikes around recently.

Even though I love the look of the Cruiser style and even the Mary Poppins type cycles out there – this one will out retro them all!

Here’s a modern penny-farthing and it’s propper pedal-powered unlike that swanky pretender called Yike!

The front wheel is 36 inches and is teamed up with a 12 inch rear so you can enjoy that lofty position of yesteryear 🙂

Being a new bike it has the addition of modern features such as a durable steel frame, antislip pedals a saddle with spring suspension and even a brake on the rear wheel!

All this for £499 from IWOOT – imagine the looks you’ll get 😉

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