The Best iPod Dock? – Killer Krell

Krell, the makers of high-end audio gear in the States, are planning to bring their £1,300 iPod dock to Blighty!

The Krell KID iPod Dock hits our shores this month.  They promise the sweetest possible sound from your little MP3 juke box.

Krell says, this is “the first product of its kind to utilise the fully differential output of the internal DAC for iPod devices”. 

I’m still not sure how good a £100 iPod will sound - even through almost one-and-a-half-grads worth of dock – I’m guessing that if you’re not using lossless audio on that iPod you may as well not bother.

If you’re short of space and can’t quite squeeze in a mini hi-fi system but love your tunes I suppose it’s not a bad buy.  :0)