Thankfully 93% of UK Drivers are Aware of the Handset Law

Some rather interesting facts have just been released from Jabra research today.

On the plus side first; apparently 93% of UK drivers realise that you can end up in the slammer for 2 years if you’re caught using your mobile phone handset whilst driving and that 68% think that the penalty should be even stronger.

I know that many of you here (me included) could be classed as a nomophobe but there’s so many hands-free gadgets out there that we shouldn’t get caught out when behind the wheel.

Now the scary bit: 24% of people that still use their handsets in the car stated that they couldn’t miss that call and 25% reckon that it’s ok as they’re unlikely to get caught – so that’s alright then?

Personally I’d rather have the police be worrying about killers, rapists and the other freaks out there than have them watch stupid drivers attempting to dial a pizza on the way home from work………..and don’t get me started on the prats that text whilst driving!!

Let’s face it – with Bluetooth headsets looking as fine as the JX10 Cara above – there’s no reason not to go hands-free.