Tesco Goes into Virtual DVD Sales

tesco_softwareTesco – handy for your value baked beans and its competitive MP3 marketplace but it sounds like the supermarket is ready to go into digital video.

We may soon be seeing Tesco Virtual DVD.

The plan is it utilise Microsoft’s Silverlight, the big M’s Flash taunter, and offer the typical features and content that can be found on DVD discs but designed to be viewed on a PC or Mac.

Tesco has partnered with big hitters Warner Bros for the new launch and will offer those who buy the DVDs of either Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and The Hangover an accompanying Virtual DVD copy.

Tesco’s category director for entertainment, Rob Salter, announced that “Tesco is excited to be the first retailer to launch this next-generation movie experience,” and “By partnering with Warner Bros, we tap into its experience as an innovator in the migration of physical formats to digital experiences, and offer our customers a new way of watching two of the biggest movies of 2009.”

Will be a bit different to seeing the chart DVD’s next to the compilation CD’s and snacks.

Are you tempted?

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