Tesco Best UK bet for iPhone 4 Tomorrow!


Take that ‘major players!’

If you’re searching for the best total cost of ownership of an iPhone 4 in the UK – Tesco should be on your list.

Yup, Tesco-Mobile uses O2’s connections but has slashed their competitors tariffs with a right proper shocker!

They even chuck in 1GB of data and unlimited texts with all contract options, with the iPhone 4 being offered for as little as £20 a month on a 12 month contract. £35 and £45 deals are also offered, while the iPhone 4 16GB will cost £479 or £569 for the 32GB model on pay as you go.

Check out the tariff chart below!

Tesco’s iPhone 4 tariffs: 12 months. £45 over 24 months – prices are correct at 23/06/2010.
Monthly Cost£20£35£45
iPhone 4 16GB£349£229£19
iPhone 4 32GB£429£299£99

So, it does appear that O2’s network can actually stand 1GB per person per month of data usage eh? 😉

Once you get by the higher upfront costs for the handset but notice that you can opt for a 12 month contract and still get 1GB of data with a very reasonable total cost of owndership – this could well put pressure on Three and T-Mobile to come up with something special!

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