Terrafugia Transition Car Plane Makes Maiden Flight – Orders Taken Now


Remember that name – especially if you want to own a true convertible.

Fancy having a car that turns into a plane?

The company has successfully taken the ‘Transition’ flying car out on its first flight in New York.

The Terrafugia Transition runs on regular petrol so you can pull into any station and watch those jaws drop.

The wings fold out in under 30 seconds and it can cruise at 115mph for 460 miles on one tank of high-octane unleaded.

If you fancy a car plane you’d better get your cash and get in line!

The Terrafugia Transition is up for pre-order for a 2011 release.

It’ll sting you for £138,000 on delivery but you’ll need to throw down $10,000 upfront.

Watch the video below of the maiden flight – it cruises pretty low but it is the first run 🙂


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