TeleNav Release GPS For Android and T-Mobile G1 Phones

telenav-g1Seems to be a day for GPS.

GPS maker Telenav is bringing a rather good-looking turn-by-turn navigation app to the Android loving G1 this month.

The service, which will cost Americans $10 a month, looks like it’s got what you’d expect from a standalone GPS unit:  You get voice-recognition for hands-free control, live traffic updates, a hefty POI database including restaurant reviews and petrol prices as well as a swanky 3D interface.

I just can’t seem to find any news regarding UK/Europe yet.

What would be a great deal is if they chuck in a car charger and cradle.

I’m guessing that the G1’s battery would take a real spanking if this is used for more than the commute.

The app will be out on February 24 with a free one-month trial before the monthly charges kick in.