Tekken v Street Fighter Characters: Which is Better? There’s Only one way to Decide – FIGHT!

That’s right my beat-em up buddies!

For almost 20 years the debates, battles and arguments have raged as to which title is the best – Tekken or Street Fighter?

The rivalry between these two titles still rages on and rival gaming companies Capcom and Namco have now put their heads together.

Street Fighter X Tekken which will see characters from both titles battle it out in the 2D plane Street Fighter IV universe.

This game which will be developed by the Street Fighter team at Capcom and will be available for Xbox 360 and PS3.

There’s also the flip-side of the battle with Tekken X Street Fighter developed by Namco and take place in the fully-3D Tekken universe we all know and love….. well, apart from those that prefer Street Fighter 😉

The best news is that all the fighters will retain their signature moves! This means plenty of your favourite grapple and takedown moves will be facing off with Yoga flames and hyper uppercuts enjoyed in the Street Fighter games.

You will get the expected versus and training missions as well as a “more in-depth and enjoyable” Tag Team Combat mode “where players select two fighters to deliver knockout assist attacks and special combos”.

I can’t wait!

Which do you prefer? I have to admit to starting as a Street Fighter fan but changed over to the side of Tekken – I’m just fickle like that. Heheh!

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