Techno Geek May 2018 – Top 5 desirably expensive tech

ot magazine may 2018Most of us will dream of having enough money that we could buy whatever we wanted. But, what is there to buy when money is no object?

In the words of the mighty Pink Floyd “Money, so they say, is the root of all evil today. But, if you ask for a rise it’s no surprise that they’re giving none away”. It might well be the root of all evil, but for those with lashings of spare cash to splash, there are many things out there that us mere mortals won’t even get to know about. Well, apart from this month’s selection from my section in the excellent Oracle Time Magazine, that is.

Top 5 money no object tech

I was duly sent out to select my top 5 pieces of expensive tech. However, I decided that I would choose items that I would most likely buy myself, should I win that multi-rollover jackpot.

You know what, when given a (virtual) blank cheque to go shopping with, there’s more out there than you’d ever realise. It really is a rich wo/man’s world.

I whittled my shopping list down to a set of video-game inspired headphones, as well as a headphone amp that doubles as a work of art to use them with. Additionally, there’s one of the largest TVs you can by, an intelligent mattress (yes, really) and an amazing camera. Not a bad shopping trip, at all.

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