Techno Geek cameras – super snappers special

Oracle Time December 2017I am sure that many Christmas lists this year will feature devices for fine photography. So, this month I was asked to list my top five cameras.

I hasten to add here that I am by no means a professionally skilled photographer.

However, my ability to not only scan specification lists but to listen to what actual photographers look for and use is up there with some of the best.

Best camera of 2017

My hope is that, amongst these shortlisted snappers, there is something for everyone. So, no matter whether you’re a professional photog, a keen hobbiest or someone more likely to point and shoot, there should be a camera for you here.

Also, I reckon that the best camera of 2017 is sat there on those pages.

Well, have a flick through my section below and let me know your thoughts. The full magazine is great too, why not subscribe?

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