Techno Geek April 2018 – Top 5 fastest tech

OT Magazine April 2018Scream if you want to go faster! This month I take a look at the speediest gadge out there.

When my editor told with that this month’s Oracle Time Magazine was going to the the speed edition, I was quite excited about it. However, after a while of pondering what I could put forward, I then realised that some lateral thinking would be involved.

You see, there are already people on the team that handle cars, bikes, and the usual stuff that you would associate with fast tech. What on earth would you class as swift gadgets?

The fastest gadgets of 2018

Even though my colleagues on the mag will have the usual transport options covered, I still had options. How about a powered skateboard that can hit 22mph? I also found a remote controlled car that boasts a sub-5 second 0-100mph time! Additionally, I have included a record breaking drone.

But speed isn’t always about covering distances in the shortest amount of time. To this end I have added two of the most powerful computers I could track down for you, one laptop and one desktop.

Strap yourself in then and satisfy your need for speed.

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