Tech21 iPhone Case Uses D3O as Seen on Dragons Den

Tech21 iPhone CaseIf, like me, you watched Dragons Den last night you will now be familiar with the name Tech21 – not the Tech21 that make the lovely SansAmp range 😉

The presentation was centered around D3o – this super-flexible, but very strong and protective material was to be used for laptop cases as well as this groovy iPhone case that will guard your iPhone or iPhone 3GS.

The case promises to be soft and subtle when wrapped around your phone but if it hits something the memory material will go hard on impact thus protecting your gadgety gear.

The technology until now has been only really used in sports equipment such as biking jackets and the like.

It’s available now for £14.95 from eXpansys.

Check out the Megawhat TV video below 🙂

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