Tech21 Impactology Impact Snap Case for Galaxy S4 review

tech21 s4 interiorYou may already be aware of Tech21, the company that uses special military impact protection tech for their gadget cases. I’ve recently had a Impact Snap Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 sent to me to review – read on for my thoughts.

The tailor-made, military grade case snaps sweetly on to your Samsung Galaxy S4 (there’s obviously a full range of devices covered by the company) and the phone snuggles into the shock absorbing D3O material which is used in armour by the US Ministry of Defence.

This stuff should then be more than able to keep your smartphone safe and protected against drops and spills.

Tech21 Impact Snap case review

At the time of writing this review Tech21 does not offer a case for the HTC One so I had to call upon a friendly volunteer who owns a Galaxy S4 (thanks Kev!). I have noticed that they are now offering a case for the HTC One (M8) so at least they’ve now noticed how popular the HTC handset is.

What I instantly liked about the case is that it keeps the S4 slim (unlike the OtterBox case on my HTC) and the controls very accessible, especially the headphone socket. A lot of headphone jacks seem to be made too big which means plugging them in properly is difficult on some phone cases.

tech21 s4 rocker sideThere is always the drawback of leaving your screen unprotected with this style of case though. If I dropped my OtterBox cased phone screen-side down the raised edges would act as a bumper against the ground – obviously on rocky uneven surfaces my One could still be in trouble. The Tech21 Impact Snap finishes practically flush to the screen on the S4 so there’s nothing to halt the hazard.

The same goes for the front edge of the top or bottom of the phone as these have been left exposed for easy access to your hedphone and charging ports.

I wasn’t allowed to drop-test my friend’s phone (some people just aren’t thrill seekers) but after a week of being carted around in his pocket and from desk to desk, the case shows no real sign of wear.


tech21 s4 endsThe Impact Snap Case from Tech21 is packing D3O shock absorption material and should protect your device should you have a clumsy moment or two.

I should imagine that you’d have to be particularly unlucky for your phone to land on one of the more exposed edges of your phone but if you are a real butter-fingers it might be worth looking at a more all-round protective case.

For those of you that want some decent protection and save your phone from scratches and the odd knock without adding bulk to your sleek handset then yhe Impact Snap Case from Tech21 may well suit your needs.

The Tech21 Impact Snap Case costs £24.99 and is available from the Tech21 website and to find out what makes Impactology™ different watch the latest video below:

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