Tech Addicts UK Podcast #46 – Return of the Tech Addicts

That’s right, the rumours are true, the band is getting back together.

Don’t worry; you haven’t fallen into a wormhole back to 2017. This is October 2018, and you are looking at a brand new Tech Addicts Podcast! Gareth and yours truly are here to guide you through the latest gadgety news. This week Google has announced a raft of new devices crafted by their own fair hands. Additionally, Huawei has something rather nifty ready for next week’s announcement. We also chat about leaky socials and the dispatch of Google+.

The Tech Addicts Podcast will be landing every other week, so stay tuned for the next edition where some familiar voices will hopefully be joined by some fresh vocals. Pencil October 24th in your diaries, you lovely people.

Until then, click the player below and hear what we have to say. Feel free to comment/email/tweet us back if you agree, disagree or just want more information.

Tech Addicts Podcast October 10 2018

In today’s show

  • Google Pixel Phones
  • Google Pixel Slab
  • Google Home Hub
  • Google Privacy Issues
  • Facebook Portal
  • OnePlus 6T for Nov 6th
  • Huawei event

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