Tech Addicts UK Podcast #19 – Wear 2, scooters and runners

tech-addicts-podcastIt seems that the lurgy is doing the rounds at Tech Addicts. With various members retiring to their sickbeds it’s down to Gareth and I to fill the space.

That’s not to say we just talked nonsense for an hour. In between our usual jibba-jabber we covered the latest news surrounding wearables, some review items and this week’s bargains.

In today’s show


Smartwatch fever. Android wear 2.0 incoming, Huawei Watch 2, Gear S3 classic LTE, LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style, HTC smartwatch

Lenovo Yoga Book … with Android


Bargain Basement

£6 off code: HEACW7HM    Final Price: £13.99

£3 off code: GW9DDLTL      Final Price: £2.99

£3 off code: OCFQZGDW     Final Price: £4.99

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