Tech Addicts podcast #44 – The Pixel conspiracy

tech addicts podcast logo 2017We are back again. There was a break but that could not be avoided. Well, not by us anyhow. This week you have the joy of Gareth, Ricky, Gavin and I.

Yes, I missed a couple of episodes whilst I was away in Canada but last week could not helped. As you will soon hear, Gareth had a slight issue with Virgin cutting through BT’s cable. Apparently, BT hadn’t planted the cable deep enough. Long story short is that our beloved host, Gareth, had no interwebs.

But we’re back again with drones, more headphones than we have collective heads, and loads more tech goodness. Also, you must check out this week’s bargain find – Gareth for one is seriously considering it.

So, grab a beverage and tune in.

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What should you expect from a premium phone? Is it acceptable? (Is it a load of BS. Timed to sabotage sales prior to Apple launch)


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