Tech Addicts podcast #31 – Note 7 FE rises like a phoenix, Gear 360 gets around

TECH ADADICTS UK PodcastIt’s time for another Tech Addicts UK podcast folks! Gareth, Gavin and I have yet another packed show for you.

That’s right, gadgety faithful. It’s time to get your tech on once more.

In today’s episode, we bring news that Samsung has breathed life back into its Note 7. But, does it have the staying power?

You lovely lot have been writing in, so we will have a go at answering your questions regarding all things gadge!

You have even given us a top-tip on how to get your tech to match your decor.

As usual, we will give you a rundown on all the things we’ve been playing with over the last week. We’ll even try to save you some money.

Hit that play button, you little rascal you!

In today’s show

Listener’s letters

Hi Gareth,

If you’d like to spruce up your Google Home or just have it better match your home decor, not only are the different coloured bases available from Google, but Slickwraps have some great ‘skins’ available:

 I got the Natural Series Bamboo one and it looks fantastic. They dispatched from the US and it was with me in the UK within a week.


Flex 5000

For the price would have been nice if it had two adapters mounted on it for two people to use it after kids are in bed. Guess you could use a splitter, might want to try it if you have it.

Some things I would like you to cover in your review.

– Range claims to be 30m, how accurate is that in real world environments and if your listening to music, how well does it work if you walk around or even go into another room.

– Looked like there was a battery cover, is the battery removable (replaceable) or is another expensive disposable.

– How accurate is the advertised 12 hours of battery life in real world usage


The Nokia 6 looks like it will be a fantastic phone for repetitively little money, I love the fact that it is made from a single piece of aluminium rather than plastic. I also love the fact that it comes with stock Android. It could be interesting competition for the likes of the Moto G5 & G5 Plus.




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