Tech Addicts podcast #26 – Galaxy S8, HTC 11, new iPad

TECH ADADICTS UK PodcastIn the latest edition of the Tech Addicts podcast, Gareth and Gavin take a look at the latest phones and a whole range of new tech.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and HTC 11 take centre stage, but Apple also slipped out a new iPad as well as a red iPhone.

Tech Addicts also brings you more bargains, gadget reviews and will have a stab at answering your tech questions.

So, without further ado – let’s boogie!

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Think a Powerbank may have put the kibosh on my iPhones battery. It’s draining super quick now. Can literally see the % falling as I’m using it. Any apps that connect to the net just wipes out the battery at the min. I’ve done 2 full cycles to restore battery levels. Going to take a few more to get it back to normal. My wife had other with the battery on her iPhone 6 because she was using the iPad charger. Took a week or so of cycling the battery fully. That’s why I’m always wary of quick charge stuff. Smart charging isn’t that smart!




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Tech Addicts podcast #26 – Galaxy S8, HTC 11, new iPad

by Jay Garrett time to read: 1 min