Tech Addicts podcast #25 – Apple, Samsung, HTC new goodies

TECH ADADICTS UK PodcastIn today’s show you are in the very capable company of Gareth, Gavin, and Leila.

It seems that there’s plenty to get excited about in the very near future. As soon as next week if we are on the money – and we usually are, right?


Something new from Apple, the HTC 11 and possibly word on the Samsung Galaxy S8 – all exciting stuff!

Anyhow, click the thingy below and listen in, good people.

In today’s show

Listener feedback

Three have sent me a text to say I have 4G Supervoice. I don’t notice any improvement to the calls. Or am I using it incorrectly?



  • HTC 11
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • New iPad


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