Tech Addicts podcast #23 – MWC 2017 special

TECH ADADICTS UK PodcastWe’re back with another Tech Addicts podcast. This week you can’t avoid the fact that Mobile World Congress has been on. The Barcelona phone fest has seen many launches, but what has caught the eyes of Gareth, Gavin and I?

As usual, it’s the flagship phone launches that have been grabbing the headlines. But, as we’ve said before on the show, it’s regularly the case that the mid-range is where the interesting stuff is happening.

Don’t worry though, it’s not all phones, we still have had sometime to review some top gadge as well as bringing you this week’s top bargains.

Dive in, lovely listener. Dive in.

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Hi thanks for a great podcast I was just wondering what app or software? do you use for your smartphone web home security solution?

Nate Langston has done Patreon, will MTA go that way?


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