Tech Addicts podcast #1

Tech Addicts LogoTech Addicts, the wonderful new site brought to you by Gareth Myles, now has a shiny new podcast associated with it. Not only that, but Gareth has brought together some gadgety gurus to help and give their opintion – one of which is me!

This is the first edition of what is hoped to be a fortnightly dip in to the world of tech and gadgets.

On the show is host Gareth Myles who you may recognise from the Mobile Tech Addicts podcasts I guested on previously, YouTuber extraordinaire, Sam J Pullen, and Gavin Fabiani-Laymond of Gavin’s Gadgets.

Between us we should have enough knowledge to cover most bases but, hey, we shall see.

This first podcast covers the recent announcements of the flagship phones from Huawei and HTC, Sony grabbing Android TV and Ford’s patenting as well as other bits that weren’t really on the agenda but that’s half the fun, right?