Tech Addicts #13 – A return to form and a new voice

tech-addicts-podcastWe’re back! After a few weeks blighted by technical issues, Gareth, Gavin, and myself return somewhat victoriously!

Not only are we flushed with the smugness of victory, we welcome a new Tech Addict to the team. This is none other than Leila Gregory of Girls n Gadgets fame. We have been warned not to Google “girls and gadgets” for some reason…

Anyhow, let’s get on with the show!

Listener questions

1) Any idea on the UK release date of the new Mi Box?

Andrew Rodgers

TA answer: Import works only in mainland China, nothing is working: PPTV is blocked, LETV is blocked as well, so you can not see any programs or series, even those, which you are allowed to watch abroad.

2)  what is Thunderbolt 3? Is that a Mac connection and will it be compatible with USB-C?


TA answer:

In today’s show


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