Tech 21 Bring d3o Protection for iPhone 4

If you’re looking for something to protect your recently purchased iPhone 4 why not use d3o impact fabric to cosset it?

d3o is an intelligent material that locks its molecules together on impact to absorb the energy of a shock and provide superior protection. Used by extreme sports brands and professional athletes from around the world, d3o offers unique impact protection for your phone.

Here’s the science bit… At rest, the molecules inside d3o move freely, making it soft and flexible, while at the point of impact or shock, the molecules lock together to spread and absorb the force, safeguarding your Phone.

There’s a couple of cool cases coming up for Apple’s latest that uses that impact cleverness – one is the Bumperish iBand and the other is the iFlip wallet.

The iBand’s unique structure ptotects your iPhone without covering up that gorgeous design. You get full functional access to all ports and controls, the iBand offers a very good option should you not fancy giving Apple any more of your cash.

The iFlip leathercase for the iPhone 4 with high quality leather and d3o integrated impact fabric. It features a Credit card slot so you don’t have to drag your wallet out and a Flip Stand. The stand is a total bonus for watching films or for hands-free Face Time.

The iBand for the IPhone 4 will be available at the 30th of July from Carphone Warehouse. SRP £24.99 and when the iFlip comes out it has a SRP of £29.99

Come back in a few weeks to check out my hands-on review 😉

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