TEAC Reference 600 – A Compact Hi-Fi For Audiophiles?

teac-reference-600TEAC has tried its hand at alchemy once more and unveiled their new compact Reference 600 series Hi-Fi.

With a proud boast that they have reached their 50 year ambition to achieve the ultimate in sound quality.

All that from a compact? I can imagine a number of audiophiles already falling on the floor, holding their sides for fear that they may split from laughing so hard.

TEAC may have the last laugh as it reckons it’s got it down this time.

The bottom tier consists of a 75W, 8 ohms, 1kHz Stereo Internet-Radio Receiver with DAB, which provides access to more radio stations than, quite frankly, you’ll ever use.

You can hook it up via Ethernet or WiFi – there’s even another six inputs and an optional iPod dock so that should be enough to keep most folk happy.

Placed on top like a disc-spinning crown is the PD-H600 CD player that features a matching blue dot matrix display.

It’s compatible with CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, and WMA Discs and it has a 24bit/192kHz Delta-sigma D/A Converter.

Outputs include analogue and coaxial. There’s also a USB input for listening to those digital tracks of yours.

The TEAC Reference 600 system is available now and will cost you £1,000 for the lot.

Or you can also buy the two bits separately and bite the bullet in stages. £700 for the Stereo Internet-Radio Receiver and £400 for the CD player.

I really wanna get my lugs around this one to hear what it dishes out 🙂

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