TEAC introduces the TN-570 flagship turntable

TN-570 top angleTEAC’s best-selling range of analogue turntables has now been joined by the TN-570, a new flagship model that aims to deliver the highest audio fidelity yet.

The TN-570 belt-driven turntable combines a clear acrylic platter, a premium AT100E Moving Magnet cartridge, and an all-new, height-adjustable S-shaped tonearm.

This is all mounted on a dual-layer composite black marble/high-density MDF base and promises to deliver a superb level of sonic reproduction.

The new S-shaped tonearm features a light alloy universal headshell (to allow easy cartridge swapping) and is height adjustable, to compensate for cartridges that are greater in height than usual.

In another break from the norm, speed selection between 33 1/3rd and 45 RPM speeds is achieved electronically, rather than requiring the platter to be physically removed in order to move the belt.

Why belt-drive? Because most direct-drive turntables tend to suffer from cogging effects, a fine pulsing that occurs naturally when a direct-drive motor turns. That makes direct-drive suitable for DJ turntables (because they can start/stop very quickly) but less so for domestic use where ultimate sound quality matters more.

tn-570The TN-570 completely avoids the cogging issue by using belt-drive but then goes one step further. TEAC has also developed a ingenious Platter Rotation Sensing Servo System (using an optical sensor) to deliver a rotation precision that’s almost the same as you’d get with a direct-drive. No other analogue belt-driven turntable in this class offers such an elegant solution.

The same goes for the combination of a clear 16mm acrylic platter and massive Dual Layer composite artificial marble ‘Onyx Emperador’/MDF base (secured on a honeycomb structure bottom cover). The materials have been chosen, after extensive listening, for their ability to help minimise unwanted resonance, allowing the content of your vinyl to emerge uncoloured with exceptional clarity. It does look pretty fine to me.

TN-570-RearMaximising the TEAC TN-570’s versatility, a built-in MM phono stage is also included, along with an optical output (up to 192kHz/24-bit) and USB output (48kHz/16-bit), allowing owners to convert their vinyl to the latest digital formats (a version of the TN-570 without the digital output stage – called the TN-550 – will also be available in certain markets) if that kind of thing floats your boat.

TEAC TN-570 price and availability

The TN-570 is available now at £749 and the TN-550 can be had for £599.

TEAC TN-570 features at a glance
  • Belt-drive turntable with electronic speed change
  • New static-balanced S-type tonearm
  • Clear acrylic platter
  • Dual-Layer composite artificial black marble/high density MDF plinth
  • Platter Rotation Sensing Servo System (P.R.S3)
  • Built-in phono stage (moving magnet)
  • Optical digital output (192kHz/24-bit max) and USB output (48kHz/16-bit) for transferring music from vinyl records to your Mac or PC
  • Supplied high performance AT-100E moving magnet (MM) cartridge