TEAC announces new TN-200 belt-drive turntable

tn-200TEAC, one of Japan’s best known hi-fi brands, has introduced a new entry-level belt-drive turntable that won’t break the bank.

The TN-200 (available in any colour you like as long as it’s black) includes a built-in preamp providing line-outs and a USB out for connection to almost any hi-fi or audio system.

The USB connections means you can make digital copies of your vinyl audio by connecting the deck to a PC or Mac. You can of course just connect the TN-200 to a traditional hi-fi system via the phono and line outs and enjoy your vinyl.

TN-200-B_RearTEAC has fitted the deck with a high-performance MM cartridge which claims to “capture every detail of your record”.

It also features an aluminium die-cast platter with anti-skating system, giving a “solid foundation for great-sounding playback”.

It’s a belt-drive deck and there’s a static balanced tone arm to complete the package.

TN-200-B_FrontThe TEAC TN-200 is available now, priced £250.

TN-200 Key Features at a glance
  • Belt-drive turntable Built-in MM (Moving Magnet)
  • phono stage with USB output Phono, line, and USB outputs
  • High-performance MM cartridge include Easy transfer music from vinyl to Mac or PC over USB
  • Aluminium die-cast platter
  • Anti-skating design
  • Dense composite wood construction for better vibration and resonance control
  • 2-speed (33-45RPM)
  • Stylish flat black chassis