TC Electronic PolyTune for iPhone – Ground Breaking Instrument Tuner in a Free App

This is very cool!

You may remember that I’m a huge fan of TC Electronic gear and have a Rebel Stack bass rig and Impact Twin audio interface but The PolyTune took tuning pedals to a whole new place!

Now the clever Danes have shoved all that tuning tech into an iPhone app!

The app promises to offer the exact same tuning technology and amazing features as the pedal version.

PolyTune is the world’s first polyphonic tuner and anyone that has used it can’t believe why they put up with tuning a string at a time for so long. With the mantra: ‘Strum – Tune – Rock’ summing it up quite nicely 🙂

PolyTune cleverly provides an instant overview of the pitch of all your strings and the iPhone version ensures perfect and swift tuning when you’re off-stage – and with the iPhone’s built-in microphone, polyphonic tuning is now available for acoustic instruments, too!

It works for guitars and basses and the reference pitch can be set to your preference and ranges from 435Hz to 445Hz. This guarantees you’ll be able to play along with anyone, with any instrument and in any situation.

If you are a guitarist that likes to play at a different pitch than standard PolyTune allows for dropped tunings from E-flat all the way down to B.

TC Electronic are giving away the first 25,000 PolyTune iPhone Apps for free, and newsletter subscribers and Facebook fans of TC Electronic will be the first to know when the app is available on the App Store.

It’s now there – FOR FREE!!!

Check out the vid below and then befriend TC Electronic 😉

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