Tascam iM2 Stereo Mics Makes Your iPhone a Bootlegger’s Dream

I’ve used my iPhone for capturing ideas when a moment of inspiration hits me when I’m messing around on my bass and the Apple mic combined with TinyVox Pro or even the Voice Memo app is all well and good but how about when things get rocking?

If you’re wanting to record something of decent volume such as a gig but the Zoom H2n would be tantamount to you buying a big fancy DSLR when you really only need a compact camera then the Tascam iM2 may interest you.

The Tascam iM2 has the power to convert your trusty iPhone into a decent digital stereo audio recorder. You see, the tiny mic on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are designed for use in quieter. more controlled environments – the office, your living room, etc. Once you try recording SUBSET, for example, then things are going to get distorted as the mic overloads.

The iM2 not only hands your iThingy a pair of condenser mics but Tascam has included its own pre-amp in their iM2 allowing it to handle sounds as loud as 125db – if you’re right in front of the speaker stack then there’s the adjustable input level control which will allow your to dial things back.

The mics can rotate 180 degrees front to back and the unit features a USB pass-through allowing your device to be charged while the iM2 is attached to its dock connector. That is darned handy as you’d be well advised to ensure you have a fully charged iDevice as the iM2 uses its go-juice.

At the moment I can only find it on sale here for $80 bundled with Tascam’s PCM recorder app. I’m expecting to hear better bootlegged gigs now 😉

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