TankBot – iOS Accelerator Controlled Desk Tank

Own an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?

Have a desk?

Love remote controlled tanks?

Time to battle over who gets most of the desk territory with this very cute and fun looking Desk Pets TankBot.

The TankBot comes with a dongle which you plug into your iOS machines headphone jack:

Utilizing Apple’s accelerometer technology, Desk Pets developed a program that enables TankBot to be controlled by simply tilting your mobile device. Tilt the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch forward and TankBot rolls forward, angle the phone right and TankBot instantly makes a right turn. TankBot even has a mind of its own. Switch to autonomous mode and using built-in IR sensors, TankBot can navigate a maze, avoid obstacles and interact with the users hand motions, all on its own.

TankBot will come in orange, blue, black, and green when it is available in June 2011. It will be priced just under $20.

Best of all – TankBot comes with a built-in USB charger so no replacing batteries 😉

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