TalkTalk Essentials TV bundle launches with value for money

TalkTalk Essential TV With RemoteI was at TalkTalk headquarters to witness the launch of their Essentials TV package which is not only very keenly priced but comes complete with broadband.

TalkTalk’s new EssentialsTV seems squarley aimed at the Freeview user who is looking for more functionality as well as the option to grab pay to view content easily, such as the most recent movies.

TalkTalk Essentials TV costs £7.50 per month, but wait… this includes unlimited broadband and phone calls folks. Boom!

Yup, for £7.50 you get at least 5meg unlimited broadband and more than your usual free to view content.

You also get the functionality that you’d expect from more expensive subscription services such as pausing live TV (30 mins) as well as access to programmes being supplied by the recently launched Now TV service from Sky.

TalkTalk Home Screen

talktalk playerThe Home Screen is the first you see when you launch the TalkTalk Player. This screen showcases videos (for films, shows, channels and promotions) playing in the background, you can access this content instantly by pressing the green button on your remote (you will still have to enter your TalkTalk PIN to verify the purchase on some items). You can skip through the videos by using the skip forward and back buttons.

Pressing the left and right arrow buttons allows you to explore the wealth of content genres currently available on the TalkTalk Player.

To expand this screen simply select ‘All Channels’ (or any of the other button options) and you will see the TalkTalk Player guide expand.

The images on the Top Level screen represent current programme highlights. Use the arrow buttons to move through each image and press OK to be taken straight to the content of your choice.

TalkTalk Player Guide

talktalk tvguideThe TalkTalk Player guide displays all the channels available for you to explore and choose what you want to watch.

Depending on the package and TV Boosts (think, bolt-ons) you are subscribed to, you may see a mixture of on demand channels (available to play whenever you want) as well as Live premium channels which are scheduled like all the normal Freeview channels (e.g. Sky Sports).

On Demand channel home screen

talktalk on demandEach of the on demand channels has its own homepage (e.g. ABC TV On Demand and Scamp). This means you can explore all of the shows and films available on that channel. Use the arrow buttons on your remote to explore each home screen, highlight an image or menu button and press OK to explore a wealth of content in each channel.

The UI accesses the on demand players without the monotony of search -> player -> search -> and then content, thanks to the system using the programme’s metadata to find what you are looking for and to take you straight to it.

Search what you’re after, click the remote and then you’re there.

This is a very intuitive product to use and, for those taking the step up from using a FreeView or FreeSat service, easy to navigate and find the programmes and films wanted.

talktalk launchTalkTalk Essentials TV in a nutshell

Essentials TV provides totally unlimited broadband, evening & weekend calls plus amazing TV content, all at a very affordable price of only £7.50 a month. That’s £190 cheaper than the equivalent BT YouView package. These savings equate to one movie from TalkTalk box office every week for the entire year or 6 months of Sky Sports through the TalkTalk player. Also, approximate savings of £250 on Sky and £170 on Virgin Media.

The Essentials TV bundle includes:

  • Free connection
  • Free YouView Box (usually £149)
  • 7 day catch up on your TV
  • 60+ Freeview channels
  • Totally unlimited broadband
  • Evening and weekend calls to UK landlines
  • Free Advanced wireless router
  • Homesafe free award winning security service

I am interested to see what the response is from other providers.

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