Talent Not Included PC game review

talent not included reviewTalent Not Included looks like a classic platform game but with some cunning twists and a twisted sense of humour.

Set in the fantasy land of Notthatmuchfurther, our heroes are simple actors giving the performance of their lives. Literally.

Every stage found within each act will task the player to achieve as high of a score as possible, but doing so will not be as easy as it may seem.

Talent Not Included design

Frima Studio have managed to combine a clean and clear design that also has character.

There are a number of neat touches throughout the game. I particularly like the way the platforms are on cylinders. This means that, as the game moves from scene to scene, the previous level spins out of the way of the next.

You also start scenes under a spot light.

These touches all add to the feeling of being part of a stage production.

talent-not-included-screenshotThe characters are all familiar classics – the knight, the thief/rogue, and the wizard – but thanks to Firma’s touches they  look fresh and definitely stand out from one another.

Naturally, the characters have their own special moves which come in handy at different stages.

The overall look and feel of Talent Not Included is slick and fun.

Talent Not Included gameplay

It is really easy to get in to the game. The controls are intuitive and the goals clear.

There is no practice level or tutorial to introduce you to the game. You are eased in naturally through in-game challenges and hints. Jumps, double-jumps, special moves, and wall maneuvers are brought in and all work seamlessly (once you’ve got the hang of it).

You can grab score multipliers within each level by collecting various pieces of candy and health power-ups scattered across each scene. Take damage, and this multiplier resets.
[youtube id=”JnbIt16kApo”]
It’s a tried and tested premise, but when it’s not broke…

A platform game is nothing without its obstacles. Talent Not Included features fireballs, spikes, and rotating platforms which add spice to the gameplay.

Talent Not Included screenshotI felt that the difficulty ramped up at a decent rate as I worked through the levels. There were no huge leaps that would make me feel cheated but there was enough challenge to have a sense of achievement. This also brings the addictive quality that platform games have to rely on.

Everything feels slick and responsive and, as much as it pains me to admit, the deaths were all my doing and not the game’s fault.

Talent Not Included review conclusion

You will be drawn in by how Talent Not Included looks and stay for how it plays.

It ticks all the boxes that have made platformers such as Donkey Kong, Jet Set Willey and Sonic classics: Instant gratification mixed with addictive challenges.

Talent isn’t perfect mind. The backing music track seems to be on a constant loop. The minstrels in the orchestra pit of this show really could do with some other tunes.

That aside, I found myself jumping on for a quick fix, something that I need from games these days. I haven’t got hours at a time to invest in a game, however, a 30-45 min indulgence fits my lifestyle.

Talent Not Included price and availability

You can audition for your part right now by grabbing the game from Steam. It is currently £6.99, which is 20% of its full £9.99 cost.

Get it now and it’s a bargain. Even at a tenner, it’s worth it though.