Tabbert Paganini – Upperclass Caravan

Now, my memories of caravan holidays aren’t the most glamourous.

Between 4 and 6 people and a dog sharing a thinly skinned mobile home on the cliff tops of Filey on the North Yorkshire coast isn’t exactly the same as mooring up in Monaco is it?

But if we had the Tabbert Paganini it may have been a slightly different story.

The interior details will blow you away and even the exterior, whilst it remains caravanny, still manages to look a cut above your day-to-day tourers.

But let’s get back inside as, especially if holidaying in the UK, this is where you’d spend most of your time.

“The mahogany wood is highly polished, the ambient lighting is skilfully recessed, and micro LED spotlights dim at your command. The champagne-coloured furniture decor emphasizes the elegant ambience of the kitchen.”

You get a three-burner Spinflo cooker with glass panel and a 189 litre refrigerator so your cooking can match the upmarket appeal of the ‘van – no beans on toast in this beauty!

There’s a spacious round shower with illuminated ceiling, naturally, so you can avoid slumming it in the sites shower blocks.

Tabbert’s flagship is available in three configurations, from 25 to 28 feet, and weighs between 1795 kg (3,957 lbs) and 1975 kg (4,354 lbs) this Autumn – expect to become around $55,000 lighter.