T3 Push Tablet PC Design Forwards with Medion and The Alloy

It can’t have passed you by that Tablet puters seem to becoming de rigueur recently with the likes of iPad, Courier, Streak and even PSP Tablet, etc

Well, those gadgety lovers over at T3 have had a chat with The Alloy and Medion and together have come up with their own rather nice spin on the tablet PC.

The Akoya Smartpad, as they’ve named it, has come to shape via T3 readers and staff, Medion and the designers at The Alloy and if I’m honest – it looks rather sweet

The spec is realistic but swanky with a HD multi-touch display, a front-facing camera for video messaging, a thin carbon fibre screen protector that doubles as a stand and my favourite design item is the retractable physical keyboard.

Check out the gallery and then head over to get more info and see the video over at T3 NOW!

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