T3 Mobile Defender – Lamperd Less Lethal (hopefully)

T3 Mobile DefenderThe Police riding mountain bikes.

The Police on roller blades.

The Police riding scooters.

Now, none of the above really strikes fear into me, a law abiding citizen. 

So I’m guessing that hardened criminals would just point and laugh at that selection quite openly.

Until, that is, they realise that the scooter is the Lamperd Less Lethal’s new T3 Mobile Defender.

The scootery transport comes equipped with a high powered air gun that is considered non-lethal in a body shot, but could potentially kill someone if they were to take a synthetic bullet to the head.

To avoid killing anyone by accident the gun has a holographic sight system to ensure accuracy.

“An eyepiece shows a red target dot, and then transmits an image of the target to a monitor, which relays the information to the gun.”

According to creator Barry Lamperd, if the holographic sight is on target, you can’t miss.

Now, the Americans coined the phrase “friendly fire” so let’s hope that the targetting is that good as it’s due to be rolled out to the US military and then to the police forces for crowd control.