T-Mobile UK Now Offering Apple iPhone 3G

iphone-t-mobileStill looking to buy an iPhone 3G here in the UK but would rather not join O2?

Howsabout getting one from T–Mobile now?

Yup, T-Mobile couldn’t wait for the greenlight from Apple so the cunning mobile vendor has started importing unlocked iPhones!

The under-the-counter trade comes at a price though.

To grab a T–Mobile iPhone 3G you’ll have to fork out £75 a month as well as threaten to leave T-Mobile for O2.

Apparently investigations have shown only 150 iPhones per week are up for grabs – 50 call centrey types each have 3 per week to hand out.

This seems to be one of those strange-but-true reports seeing as T–Mobile already sells the iPhone in Germany.

You must really love T-Mobile to go ahead with this deal as the 3GS 16GB is newer and costs £73.41 over 2 years with a free handset on O2.

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