T-Mobile Shoving Android Into Your Homes

tmobile_androidThe New Yoik Times  reports that T-Mobile is planning what’s being described as an “aggressive push deep into the home” with a range of Android-based devices.

This is all based on “confidential documents obtained from one of the company’s partners” and all apparently points towards an Android-based home phone and a tablet PC launching State-side during the first part of 2010.

The phone is said to plug into a docking station and “come with another device that handles data synchronization as it recharges the phone’s battery”.

As for the tablet PC the reports says that it’s “a small laptop without a keyboard and has a 7-inch touchscreen” designed for applications like weather reports and “managing data across a variety of devices”.

Could this see the T-Mobile hardware going head-to-head with O2’s recently launched Joggler and Orange France’s “Tabby” tablet PC?