Systemline E100 builds your music system in to the wall

e100 controllerA new built-in music system has just launched that provides homeowners with seamless and immediate access to their favourite radio stations and songs – Systemline’s E100.

The Systemline E100 music system gives instant access to your favourite music from a sleek and unobtrusive wall-mounted control panel.

It certainly looks stylishly industrial and I can imagine it fitting nicely equally in to loft-style apartments and homes with open-planned kitchen/dining areas.

Systemline E100 is a state-of-the-art alternative to a traditional radio and, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you can also also play or stream songs via your smartphone or tablet. The control panel feeds two high-performance ceiling-mounted speakers from Q Acoustics.

This could be the ideal solution if you are either limited on floorspace or just into the anti-clutter minimalist look.

systemline e100 kitThe E100 allows homeowners to seamlessly play songs or access on-line streaming services, such as Spotify, Deezer or Google Play Music, from their smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The E100 has been developed so that it is easy to install in any busy home with minimal disruption. The control panel simply fits within a double gang back box and can be installed by someone with competent DIY skills or alternatively by a professional installer if your skills aren’t up to scratch.

The E100 can also connect to a TV so users can benefit from superb sound quality whilst enjoying their favourite shows. The control panel also features an OLED display, a clock and an alarm. In addition, the system features a remote control as well as a touch sensitive keypad designed for long-term durability.

Jonathan Bennett, Marketing Director at Systemline, said:

The Systemline E100 is the first single room music system of its kind, enabling homeowners to easily add the ‘wow factor’ to any room. This cost effective piece of innovative technology offers seamless access to high-quality sound and can be installed with minimal fuss.”

Prices for the E100 are:

  • £425: E100 Speaker System includes a pair of Q Acoustics Qi-65CB ceiling speakers
  • £375: E100 System (excluding speakers)