Sydnee Wants to Charge all Your iPads and iPhones

SYDNEE ipad iphone chargerIf you use iPads and iPhones at work or you belong to an iDevice family then you know that everyone will need to charge their iThingies at the same time. This neat little charge station is what you could be looking for.

The Sydnee iOS Recharge Station from Kanex will squirt that much needed go-juice to four iPads and/or iPhones in one compact charging station.

The Sydnee has four USB ports in the back, and each supplies 2.1A of power to quickly charge your iPad.

There are two slots and one stand to hold three iPads or iPhones; the fourth unit will have to lay on the table – which is a bit unfair but then it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there people!

The Sydnee comes bundled with three USB charging cables for iOS devices and each DC output has circuit protection to actively condition the DC power. In the event of power surge or spike, the outputs will cause no damage to the power charger. The unit will automatically recover and function normal as soon as the short condition is removed.

The Sydnee charger is available now for $149.00.

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