Swincar – the all wheel drive, all terrain marvel

SwincarNo matter how good a 4×4 you have, trials bikes will always be able to get where they can’t. Well, they could until Swincar came about.

The Swincar looks like a standard one-person kart or buggy but, when you see it on the move, you’ll notice that it has rather special independent suspension and some other special tricks too.

This bonkers All Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicle from France uses a pendulum effect to counteract the forces that can present themselves when you’re tackling obstacles, rough terrain, steep slopes and banks, or when simply riding around a corner.

This puts the swing in Swincar as its body is suspended from a higher point than most other off-roaders this allows it to swing from side-to-side with ease when needed. Add to that the fact that each wheel arm can move freely and independently then you have a recipe for go anywhere fun.

swincar bankingThis means that when turning the Swincar the vehicle actually leans like a motorcycle which should enable it to take them faster and more stably than other All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs).

Ok, that’s fine on a flat road but isn’t this leaning skill a bit reckless on a bank? Well, the Swincar can even get around that problem as the cockpit of the car always remains vertical, regardless of how the wheels need to travel to track the ground. The axles have independent axis, as well as independent electric motors turning the wheels.

swincar ditchThe Swincar certainly looks like it could handle anything thrown at this electric AWD ATV vehicle.

I’d still want a Ripsaw though!

[youtube id=”2FbW_kVYcl0″]