Swift – Sven Cycles first electric bikes announced

Sven SwiftBritish hand-built bicycle manufacturer, Sven Cycles, has just announced the launch of its first electric bike; The Swift.

The Swift has more firsts under its belt too! Not only is it Sven Cycles’ firs e-bike, it is the only mid-motor electric bike to be designed and manufactured in the UK. Furthermore, it is the first e-bike on the market to be made using a specially designed Reynolds 631 tube set.

Thanks to that special tube set, the Swift is strong enough to handle any load whilst remaining light and sporty.

Sven Cycles Swift

Sven Swift e-bikeFounded by Darron Coppin in 2012, Sven Cycles combines traditional style, with modern thinking. The Swift comes in two designs, a standard frame or a low step-through.


Sven Swift batterySven Cycles have chosen the Shimano STEPS system to power The Swift. This, integrated with the Shimano Alfine Di2 hub system, hands the bike reliability and ease of use. Gear changing can be switched between manual or automatic, all controlled by the on-board computer.

A choice of batteries is available too. The standard unit has a range of 63 miles. However, you can get up to 90 miles on eco mode using the higher-powered battery.


Sven SwiftE-bike rated Schwalbe 650Bx2.00 tyres have been chosen for their great puncture resistance, high efficiency rolling and to improve the hydraulic disc braking.

They also help smooth the ride either on pot holed city streets or out in the countryside. This all goes towards giving even inexperienced cyclists a reassuring and safe ride.

Sven SwiftSven Cycles have eschewed a chain in favour of a Gates Belt-Drive System. The benefits being maintenance free and haven been proven to be much stronger than a traditional bicycle chain in e-bike use. Additionally, there’s no need for oiling.

Easy rider

The Swift will allow riders to glide up steep hills, commute to work without breaking a sweat. Moreover, its walk-assist function will become your best friend when carrying heavy groceries.

Sven Swift saddleSven Cycles have designed The Swift to be compatible with a selection of hand-picked accessories that can be added to the bike upon request. These include the classic wicker basket, a Porteur rack as wellas two rear panniers. All of these provide plenty of storage.

Finally, the optional USB charger will keep any android or iPhone battery full.

The rear frame on the low step through bike is designed for the quick release Thule Yepp Maxi child seat, with optimum shock absorption ensuring extra comfort for the little one.


Darron Coppin of Sven Cycles,

The Swift, has been an evolving idea for a long time. I wanted to build an e-bike with classic lines, incorporating the latest e-bike Technology ensuring it’s robust, balanced and fun to ride. I feel it’s the future of personal transport.

He goes on to add:

I have been riding a Sven Cycles Swift prototype for some time now as my daily run about. It’s perfect for the daily commute with my two dogs Woody and Snoop. I get some fresh air and exercise and don’t arrive at work needing a shower. I still love a good bike ride I see the e-bike as a great alternative to using public transport or the car for most trips.”

Round up

For those of us who are trying to make a difference to our carbon footprint, electric bikes are the eco-friendliest form of transport currently available. They cut congestion, pollution, and noise all at once.

With no chain or oil, The Swift is low maintenance while remaining grease- free, rust-free and hassle-free.

Price and availability

Swift will cost from £3,250 for a semi-custom bike which includes; Reynolds 631 Frame and Forks with Though Axle, Shimano steps E6001 Motor, Standard BT-E6010 Batery, Optional New E 8010 504w battery with 1000 charge cycle life span, Gates Belt Drive, Twin Leg Stand Hebie, Dt Swiss Rims, Hope Pro 4 front hub / through axel, Schwalbe Big Ben 650b x 2.0 tyres, Ergon Grips, Brooks all weather sadle, Shimano Hydrolic Brakes, Bush and Muller lights