Swedish-designed RevoNext QT3 quad driver earphones

Swedish company RevoNext has announced the availability of its QT3 quad driver in-ear earphones.

The RevoNext QT3 earphones feature double balanced armatures and a pair of dynamic drivers. Additionally, the IEMs have an ergonomically designed aluminium sound chamber.

RevoNext QT3 IEM

RevoNext QT3 IEM

As with most top-line earphones, the QT3 is equipped with a standard 2-pin plug connector.

Under the hood, you will find two dynamic drivers and two balanced armatures. Together those drivers promise a better frequency balance.

Furthermore, you have the option to use the QT3 with or without an in-line microphone. Additionally, RevoNext will be selling a Bluetooth cable in September.

Price and availability

The RevoNext QT3 quad driver in-ear earphones are available from £59.99/$70 from Amazon UK and RevoNext.

The QT3 come in matte black, grey space and red, and are bundled in with a range of ear tips.