Survival Straps – Jewelry Fit For Heroes! James Bond, MacGyver, Batman, Indiana Jones, You!

SB-WIDE-7Picture the scene.

You’re out walking and day-dreaming when, suddenly, from out of nowhere you find that you’re surrounded by an elite mercenary army sent to ‘neutralise’ you. Your only route of escape is down a sheer drop.

You could do with some rope, a safety line – something! You glance at your wrist and wonder if your bracelet would unravel enough to make good your escape…….

Ok – so that may never actually happen.

But the thing is – if you were wearing a Survival Straps bracelet you’d be smug in the knowledge that it could actually unravel to become 16 feet of paracord (or 24 feet if you get the wider version) that would allow you to rappel off a cliff or building to safety.

That’s right – Survival Straps are functional and wearable paracord bracelets, anklets, watch straps, dog collars, belts and such like.

The bracelets are priced at $19.95 and $22.95 and belts are $75 from Survival Straps.

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