SureFlap is vorsprung durch technik according to cat owners

SureFlap Pet DoorSureFlap has been awarded ‘most innovative product of the year for cats’ in Germany for their SureFlap Pet Door.

If you ‘own’ a cat (surely they own you?) then you might be interested to know that British company SureFlap make microchip-operated pet doors and are now a favourite in Germany.

SureFlap has been awarded the ‘most innovative product of the year for cats’ in a poll of readers from the publication PETonline for its Microchip Pet Door.

The pet door is microchip-operated and only opens your cat’s microchip comes within scanning range, ensuring ypur pet is safe from intruder animals – a problem for more than 50% of homes without a secure cat flap says recent research.

This also stops all the other neighbourhood cats and other critters from sneaking in and stealing your cat’s food. This is what sparked Cambridge physicist, Dr Nick Hill in to action to develop SureFlap.

Andy Bank, Commercial Director of Cambridge-based SureFlap is delighted with the accolade.

“We have spent considerable effort in ensuring that SureFlap products are designed to the highest standards of robustness and reliability. Aesthetics are also very important as the pet door is positioned in a door or glass window so it is very noticeable.

“To get this endorsement and vote of confidence from pet retailers in Germany has been very well received by our engineering team.”

Dr Hill was determined to develop something that was well designed and reliable, as well as cheap and easy to manufacture. After three years of extensive research and development the finished product, the first SureFlap Cat Flap was launched in 2008. All of SureFlap’s pet doors are microchip-operated and will only unlock if a resident cat with its unique identifying chip comes within scanning range.

Such is the company’s attention to detail that it used raccoon product testers to ensure that the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door was impenetrable by wild animals.

Recommended by vets, SureFlap products are compatible with all common microchips and can be programmed to recognise multiple pets.

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