SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and Wireless Big at CES 2009

usb-logo_transparent2Better, stronger, faster and wireless.

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) will be pumping up two standards at CES 2009.

Despite setbacks such as Wireless USB developer WiQuest shutting down the USB TechZone will be showcasing the latest and greatest in cordless USB.

That’s all very interesting but it’s the USB 3.0 standard that I’m more impressed by.

The SuperSpeed USB is impressive why?

Well, for example, Synopsys demo’d an HDTV video transmission system based on USB 3.0 and astounded the assembled throng that an uncompressed 1080p feed at 30 frames-per-second could be whisked along at around 450Mbps.

Swift huh?


Update: Thanks to Joel Corley, Senior Software Architect, formerly of WiQuest Communications, Inc. for setting me straight on a number of points (please read the comments below).

He has also linked to the actual USB 3.0 specs which can be downloaded here – all other information regarding the development of USB 3.0, etc can be gathered from

Thanks Joel!  🙂