SuperFly USB cable review

SuperFly Magic Gold USBAs far as accessories go, USB cables are never high on the want list. You need these but they’re never much to look at. SuperFly is upping the game though.

Beyond having a choice, mainly black or white, your USB cable tends to be the last thing you think of smartening up. They get shoved in your bag, or you might have a work one and a home one. The only time I have bought a USB cable is when I have had to replace a dead one.

There is nothing out there that would tempt me to replace a working cable for anything else. Well, there wasn’t til now.

Now there is no need to have to put up with your standard, bundled, straight out-of-the-box dull and boring black charging lead anymore.

SuperFly cable design

If you happen to spend a bit on audio interconnects, guitar leads (as below) or custom PC cabling you will be no stranger to the lovliness of braided leads.

SuperFly have followed this tactile construction in order to supply you with their ultra-durable cables.

SuperFly and braided guitar leadThe tight fabric outer layer looks great, whist the cable does the job underneath with them terminating in strong aluminium connectors which appear to be perfectly heat shrunk to prevent fraying or splitting.

The SuperFly cables are available in Android and Apple flavours so both teams can enjoy the braided joy.

SuperFly cable use

Yes, the SuperFly cable looks awesome but what is equally nifty is that the SuperFly cables come in 3 and 6-foot lengths.

SuperFly scannerThis means you can say goodbye to that annoyance caused by the cable not being able to reach from desktop PC to the desk – something I have had when plugging in my portable scanner to my CM Storm Stryker which sits on the desk rather than under it.

SuperFly hotelAlso, some hotels place plugs miles away from the bed so, should you want to charge your phone over night and still use it as an alarm clock, you’d better have adequate length. So to speak. Not a problem for the 6-foot SuperFly.

Superfly cable conclusion

The cables range from $18 – $25 and this, I feel, is truly reasonable. Granted I haven’t had the cable more than 2 weeks yet so it will be interesting to see how long it lasts for the money.

What I can say is that I am looking at getting a few more of these as they seem to be well put together and should be able to put up with being wrapped up in bags and taken around everywhere as we all know that USB cables are not just for smartphones.

Do not underestimate the need for a super funky SuperFly USB/Charging/Syncing braided cable.

Get on it folks!