Super League Football PS4/PS Vita review

superleague footballZen Pinball’s latest release replaces the traditional steel ball and lets loose a leather cased football to take a shot at. Super League Football strikes a blow at all PlayStation platforms and toe ends some rather exquisite pinball gaming your way.

Read on for a full review and, hopefully, fewer football-related puns.

Super League Football comes in the form of 8 downloadable tables. Arsenal, Liverpool, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid C.F., A.C. Milan, Juventus and A.S. Roma. If these teams don’t excite you then there’s always the neutral Zen Studios FC to opt for.

zen pin footballZen slams you firmly in the thick of a big European match up. Crowd chants, over eager supporters and even glowing flares all create a football feast of a backdrop.

Over all the chaos, commentary bellows out all the football cliches you would expect to hear from your favourite Saturday afternoon football pundit.

zen pinball superleagueWorking with the biggest clubs in the world and involving players like Lionel Messi, Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, Gerard Piqué, Francesco Totti and Andrea Pirlo, Zen Studios have honed down every aspect of the beautiful game of football and turned it on its head.

They have captured the whole football experience, even down to making it a game of two halves. Each table offers the same game table but each is heavily customised and dressed differently to represent each team. Players, kits and team colours are proudly emulated on and off the pitch.

zen superleague footballFootball is about the League season and scoring goals – it’s no different here; it’s about winning matches and filling your trophy cabinet like Sir Alex Ferguson. Spot kicks or blasting the ball past the keeper via the mini table will send your traveling supporters wild. The stadium turns into a crazed salsa party – it’s a spectacle to savour, and if Brazil had been included the partying may still be going on right now. For you, goal celebration multiball kicks in to add to the euphoria of beating the keeper.

When you download Super League Football, you can choose one team. Each other team needs to be purchased separately. All tables can be exported to your PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. Super League Football on the Vita is cracking too, just like the PS4 version.

zen super league pinballConclusion

Super League Football is a top of the table pinball experience and is delivered with all the class and razzmatazz of a World Cup Final. This is Zen’s finest set of tables to date – you won’t want to hear the ref’s full time whistle.

Football crazy? You will be.

Lizard rating: 9/10


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