Sugr Cube – the sweet interactive streaming speaker

At tsugr cube tophe start of the year a little speaker entered the competitive world of Kickstarter – now the Sugr Cube, as it is called, is freely available but what makes it stand out from the crowd?

Sugr Cube describs itself as a ‘simple music box’ but it does have a range of unique and cool features.

As music becomes more mobile, more streaming-based, and more capable of being played anywhere, we find ourselves needing better external speakers. We also need more control of playback, and that’s where the Sugr Cube comes in.

The Sugr Cube has been designed to hand you better sound from a small package – and what an attractive package it is. The natural wood enclosure is the first thing you’ll notice and then there’s the bass vent to improve low end response.

It will stream music directly from your various services and is not just reliant on being paired with a smart device, It comes complete with a lithium-ion battery you can easily recharge to keep the music running.

So, nothing really new there huh?

sugr cube styleWell, cool your jets hotshot! It’s the controls are the real selling point.

You start the music just by tapping the top, and can skip songs forward and backward by tilting the speaker one way or the other.

The Sugr Cube even has a snooze function – just flip it over. Soon, if you want to share a song online, you’ll be able to just hold your palm down on the top to sling it over on Facebook.

The idea here is to get rid of the software apps, and turn Sugr itself into some kind of physical app almost. You can, of course, download a smartphone app to control playback if you so desire.

The Sugr Cube does look to be one of the most fun and interactive wireless speakers out there at the minute but how does it stack up with its more established foes?

Quite well really.

sugr cube benchmarkingObviously, without actually hearing a Sugr Cube, I cant really comment on just how sweet it sounds but what I can say is that this Sugry goodness, in a range of finishes, can be yours for 199 direct from the Sugr Cube website.

Check out the video below to see it in action:
[youtube id=”-tIGi4SSLf0″]